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MRCOOL Complete Split A/C & 80% AFUE Furnace Series


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Registered Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty

Registered 10 Year Parts Warranty

· Perfect for New and Replacement Applications

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LP Gas Kit



R410A Split System A/C Condenser

R410A Multi-Position A/C Evaporator A-Coil

80% AFUE Gas Furnace

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MRCOOL R410A Split System A/C Condenser


The MRCOOL Air Conditioner with R410A refrigerant works hard to deliver total air comfort and maximum energy efficiency savings simultaneously. There are certainly more expensive air conditioners on the market, but none of them are as good as this one from MRCOOL.


◦Easy-access gauge ports.                                     ◦Unlimited technical support.

◦Service valves with sweat connections.          ◦Aluminum micro channel heat exchanger.

◦R-410A eco-friendly refrigerant.                      ◦Built for easy installation and maintenance.

◦10-Year Compressor and Parts Warranty.      ◦ETL Certification.

◦High-efficiency compressor                               ◦Enclosed, permanently lubricated condenser fan motor.

MRCOOL R410A Multi-Position Painted Evaporator A-Coil


The MRCOOL flexible and easily adaptable A-coil is exactly what you need to suit a wide variety of residential situations and budgets. This versatile coil can operate with MRCOOL A/C and heat Pump condensers, uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, and can be installed horizontally or vertically to fit your unique home space needs.

 This unit comes with a 10-Year Registered Parts Warranty, and a 5-Year Base Limited Parts Warranty.


 ◦Designed for  efficiency                     ◦10-Year Registered Parts Warranty

 ◦Uses environmentally friendly R410A                            ◦5-Year Base Limited Parts Warranty

MRCOOL 80% AFUE Multi-Position Single Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace


 One of the best on the market is the MRCOOL single stage, 80% AFUE gas furnace. This system can be installed up-flow, down-flow, or horizontal and is designed to operate for decades, provide powerful heating capability, and, best of all, keep your heating bill affordable at the same time. It does the latter via its 80% AFUE energy efficiency rating. That mark of quality ensures 80% of every dollar you spend on heating fuel gets turned into real, effective heat for your home.


◦Registered Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty                              ◦Registered 10 Year Parts Warranty

Mr Cool has put together three HVAC components to give its customer complete comfort. When harsh winter weather strikes, nothing compares to the warmth and safety a powerful reliable gas furnace can provide and when summer delivers us its hottest day you can be sure the MrCool A/C split condenser, along with MrCool’s A/C evaporator coil will assure us the comfort we deserve.


These three HVAC products come in several sizes and models. We have combined these units to fit your needs. Designed to address the comfort you expect.


 The  mark of quality ensures every dollar you spend on heating and cooling gets turned into real, effective Heat and Cooling for your home.

 MrCool offers a design to meet your needs.

80% AFUE Furnace Series

15 - 17 SEER R410A Split System A/C or Heat Pump Condenser

 R410A Vertical - Horizontal - Down Flow A-C Evaporator A-Coil 

 AFUE Gas Furnace ( Vertical - Horizontal - Down Flow)

From past experiences - Kits sold online may be what you need, BUT call to get it correct!

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MGM80           Warranty


A/C Coil           Warranty


15 – 16 - 17 Seer R410A Condenser




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LP Gas Kit



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