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 EHK Series


 EHK-05A Heat Strip  5 kw               


 EHK-08A Heat Strip  8 kw               


 EHK-10A Heat Strip  10 kw            


 EHK-15B Heat Strip  15 kw **       


 EHK-20B Heat Strip  20 kw **       


** Double Breaker Panel



(229) 638-2889 


(904) 424-9773


(512) 704-8200

Air Handlers


LP Gas Kit                             

80% Gas Furnace

14 SEER Heat Strips


MHK  (Split System Series)


 MHK-20. Heat Strip   20 kw            


 MHK-15 Heat Strip   15 kw             


 MHK-10 Heat Strip  10 kw              


 MHK-08 Heat Strip    8 kw              


 MHK-05 Heat Strip    5 kw              


PA & PH  (Split System Series)


 WKF-20-02  Heat Strip   20 kw       


 WKF-15-02 Heat Strip   15 kw        


WKF-12-02 Heat Strip    12 kw                         


 WKF-10-02 Heat Strip  10 kw         


WKF-08-02 Heat Strip    8 kw          



 MCPH Package Units


MHK-P20 Heat Strip   20 kw            


 MHK-P15 Heat Strip   15 kw           


 MHK-P10 Heat Strip  10 kw            


 MHK-P08 Heat Strip    8 kw            


 MHK-P05 Heat Strip    5 kw            


PH4Z Package Units


WZH2002SX Heat Strip   20 kw      


 WZH01502SX Heat Strip   15 kw   


 WZH01002SX Heat Strip  10 kw    


 WZH0752SX Heat Strip    7.5 kw   


 WZH05025SX Heat Strip    5 kw    

DIY Installation Kit 01 & 02 Mini Split Install Kit 


 DIY Installation Kit 02 Mini Split Install Kit


 DIY Installation Kit 03 & 04 Mini Split Install Kit 


 DIY Installation Kit 04 Mini Split Install Kit

Mini Split Ductless Install Kits

Limpet Dual Voltage Condensate Pump          Model: LIM.6000.0

Operational Manual

New with EECS and orange feet for a silent operation

 The LIMPET is a condensate discharge module designed to be fitted below modern wall mounted air conditioners. The new design and technology makes the LIMPET our most innovative water sensing system ever. The LIMPET pump incorporates the Electronic Energy Control System (EECS), microprocessor control delivers a smooth unobtrusive pump operation.



◦Amazingly quiet                   ◦CE and UL marked             ◦Built-in non-return valves                   ◦Fits all high-wall-mount air conditioners

◦Aesthetic design blends in naturally into  surroundings               ◦Thermal protection              ◦Soft start with “EECS”

◦Quick, simple, trouble-free installation           ◦Electronic Energy Control System (EECS) with alarm circuit

Panther Dual Voltage Condensate Pump         Model: PAN.6000.0

Operational Manual


 The PANTHER is a solid state electronic condensate removal system designed to fit neatly inside even the smallest high wall split air conditioner. With the PANTHER electronic reservoir sensing unit eliminates all worries about positioning. This versatile little unit is so easy-going that you’re spoilt for choice.



◦CE and UL marked             ◦No float to stick                    ◦Fits all wall-mount splits                    ◦Tiny reservoir – sensing unit

◦Incredible quiet (exceptionally, incredibly,  amazingly)              ◦Thermal protection            ◦Soft start with “EECS”

◦Low profile for ease of mounting                      ◦Electronic Energy Control System (EECS) with  alarm circuit

MrCool 12' Wall LINE-SET Duct Kit              16 pieces

                 Install Manual                         Data Sheet

MrCool is a precision engineered system of prefabricated PVC duct and fittings which conceals and protects exposed refrigeration linesets, electrical cable/telephone wiring and water or drain pipes. It comprises extruded PVC duct plus a full range of 16 injection molded Polypropylene fittings, all of which meet the requirements of the current UL -94V-0 specification and are suitable for temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees F. All components except the flexible are split to facilitate easy installation for both new and retrofit applications and to permit easy subsequent disassembly for inspection or additions.


Cover is weather resistant, available in  White.  Don’t be fooled by other cheaper covers OURS is 4-1/2 Wide to assure a the perfect fit

LDK Kit includes:


◦Ducting 4’ Long (3)

◦Couplers (2)

◦Wall Inlet (1)

◦End Fitting (1)

◦90° Flat Ell (1)

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LP Gas Kit            

Package Units

Package A/C & Gas Units


LP Gas Kit                             


Concentric Vent Kit            

91% Gas Furnace

13 SEER Air Handler Heat Strips


 HNRD05-D   Heat Strip  5 kw         


 HNRD08-D   Heat Strip  8 kw         


 HNRD10-D   Heat Strip  10 kw       


HNRD15-D    Heat Strip  15 kw


HNRD20-D    Heat Strip  20 kw