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MRCOOL 80% AFUE Furnace Series

Multi-Position Package Unit

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Registered Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty

Registered 10 Year Parts Warranty

· Perfect for New and Replacement Applications

Optional LP Gas Kit

80% AFUE Gas Furnace

Multi-Position Package

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Product List

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The MGM80 is capable of being installed up-flow, down-flow, and horizontal.

Lifetime Registered Heat Exchanger Warranty

10-Year Registered Parts Warranty.

Convenient for installation and maintenance.


ETL Certification and AHRI Listed.


Optional LP Gas Kit





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When harsh winter weather strikes, nothing compares to the warmth and safety a powerful reliable gas furnace can provide. While furnace heating technology has been around for decades, not all systems are created equally. Some are definitely better than others.


 One of the best on the market is the MRCOOL PGFM single stage, 80% AFUE gas furnace. This system can be installed up-flow, down-flow, or horizontal and is designed to operate for decades, provide powerful heating capability, and, best of all, keep your heating bill affordable at the same time. It does the latter via its 80% AFUE energy efficiency rating. That mark of quality ensures 80% of every dollar you spend on heating fuel gets turned into real, effective heat for your home.

MRCOOL 80% AFUE Gas Furnace


PG8MAA024045 - 45K BTU Multi-Position 800 CFM - Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 14" Cabinet                     


PG8MAA024070 - 70K BTU Multi-Position 800 CFM - Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 14" Cabinet                      

PG8MAA036070 - 70K BTU Multi-Position 1200 CFM - Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 14" Cabinet                    

PG8MAA042090 - 90K BTU Multi-Position 1400 CFM - Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 17.5" Cabinet               

PG8MAA048110 - 110K BTU Multi-Position 1600 CFM - Multi Speed Gas Furnace, 21" Cabinet                  

PG8MAA066110 - 110K BTU Multi-Position 2200 CFM - Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 21" Cabinet            

PG8MAA066135 - 135K BTU Multi-Position 2200 CFM -  Multi-Speed Gas Furnace, 24.5" Cabinet         

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